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Born in Chateauroux, France, Paul'luc Chokota is one of the few remaining TRUE photographers. My record includes over 42 years of professional photography with my entertainment and celebrity images that have been published globally.. Paul'luc is the resident photographer for the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Kansas City.

Paul'luc is an artist using his camera as his brush, your (life) as his canvas. Paul'luc, dedicates his life full time in the pursuit of the image that takes a clients' breath away, and is never satisfied with anything less.  You deserve the celebrity photographer experience.


Contact me for booking, publishing requests, etc.

Please understand that due to my extensive travel, and tight schedule providing limited availability, I will not be able accommodate everyone that request to book a shoot or a mentor session with me. However , you can increase your chances by scheduling well in advance, presenting a challenging project that allows my artography to fulfill me , where consideration of my fee being secondary.

"Visualizing the image you see, is only what was absorbed by the camera, conceived in my mind." Paul'luc.


Paul'luc Chokota Photography      -      816-520-2957

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